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Our Spray Drying division can handle every aspect of the powder production process - from mixing to shipment - giving your company a turn-key, competitive edge in your market. Our Spray Drying's One Source, One Solution concept offers all this, and more, to you:

  • More than 30 years of contract manufacturing experience in the spray drying process with an emphasis on food products, nutraceuticals, and pharmaceutical products

  • Kosher, FDA and Department of Agriculture certifications

  • Coulter modified three-stage drying tower produces 750 pounds per hour

  • Consistently high yield averages at 98% (above Industry standard)

  • 24 Hour production schedule, seven days per week

  • We can process your pre-mixed liquid or we can custom-blend your liquid for you

  • Continuous In-house testing to ensure your product's consistency

  • The finest inventory control, warehousing and distribution systems available to track, store, and ship your product

  • Our Upper Sandusky plant location in Western Ohio is within 600 miles of 60% of the nation's population

We Now Do Contract Manufacturing Spray Drying!

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